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​I'm a native Texan who spent many a year battling the ever-present gale force winds of the The Texas Panhandle, but now I live in sunny Southern California with my wife slew of kids and menagerie of pets.


Long before I figured out that I wanted to be writer, I was an avid reader. I write lots of different things, but mostly humor and Women's Fiction. Yes, I know it's a little weird for a six-foot-five, two-hundred, and too-many-pounds man to write "girly stuff" but what can I do. I have to write the stories that fill my head. I'm obligated to be the voice for the characters that speak to me, because they're not going to shut up either way, and at least on paper I can act like they exist for a reason. Otherwise, I'm just a guy with multiple personalities.

Aside from writing music is a passion and you can find my thoughts on music at The Feels.

This is me talking about emotion in writing, but if I'm honest it looks more like I'm regaling the g
Had a good time down in Belton at Writer's Festival
Ready for our monthly meeting, Last Tuesday  Writers
Sixty pounds down
A lot of time people assume I'm bald under the caps I wear do often. But here y'all go a hot sweaty
The author panel
My spot for the fireworks is staked out.jpg I brought Jennifer Zobair's new novel PAINTED HANDS to e
Larry McMurtry's old book store in Archer City but even it's gone now. Guess they really have ran th
It's the last Tuesday so time for our monthly Last Tuesday Writers gathering of good #words good #cr
Unlike the Hotel California, you can indeed check out of the Hotel Albuquerque so I bid goodbye to m
Party is going awesome.jpg Here is a shot of me and _Doyle_ my boss during the feedstore days
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