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Freelance Business to Consumer Content   

 Creation and Social Media Engagement

Reader investment is the goal of every writer. From fiction, to press releases your audience has to care in order to keep reading. This mantra is behind everything I write and I work to create emotional ties for my readers in as straightforward manner as possible.

I have honed my skills over the last twenty-five years of writing and publishing a wide variety of material across many different outlets both under a byline of my name and anonymously. My work covers many industries and companies.

Life experience plays a big role in authentic writing. For two decades I worked as an automation mechanic giving me a strong knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and many principles that apply across the construction, fabrication, and manufacturing industries.

Other fields I have life experience and a strong working knowledge are sports, music, poker, craft brewing, photography, hunting, fishing, travel, Texas culture, Southern California living, cooking, literature,  hiking, and camping. I combine a common man view with smooth engaging writing to make every piece readable and engaging.

Music articles can be found here and here and here

Sample B2C posts and articles can be accessed here

Hungry? Savor this bite and wash it down with this

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Short Fiction


No matter what I write, I strive to create that all-important connection to not only entice the target audience to keep reading, but often to answer a call to action.


This is what I can do for your business.

Connect your intended audience to you in a way that will motivate them to act. 



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