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This site is new, but I am a longtime blogger so I am slowly migrating the old posts that have relevancy over here. Please check back to catch up on the archives.
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My Real Writing

Due to the quick nature of blogging, y'all have endured my terrible typos, gruesome grammar, and some shoddy storytelling. I'm sure many of you have went so far as to say, "And this guy calls himself a writer."

Well, today I'm proud to announce that starting today you can read in it's entirety and completely for free -- An actual sample of what I affectionately call my -- Real Writing.

That's right head the story I blogged about selling a month or so back is now up on the UNDERGROUND VOICES site. Head on over and read my short story titled, The Simplest Of Sounds.

Don't go expecting humor however, as it is a dark tale. The story is one of my personal favorites and I'd love to hear what you think, so drop me a line in the comments after you read. Or send the fine folks over at Underground Voices an email and let them know you enjoyed what you read. Who knows maybe they will buy more of my stuff in the future.

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