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This site is new, but I am a longtime blogger so I am slowly migrating the old posts that have relevancy over here. Please check back to catch up on the archives.
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Life Is Like A Dirty Diaper

Summer gave way to Fall last week, Brad and Angelina are no more, and heck, there's even a new Dos Equis man. Yes folks, change is in the air.

But isn't it always?

Aren't we constantly evolving? No, I don't necessarily mean in a Darwin kind of way, but I am talking about our thoughts, our likes, our opinions, our wants, desires, dreams and fears. Sure some of those things stick with us forever, like a bad hairdo from the 80's. Come on dude that permed mullet just ain't cool anymore.

So why do most of us dread change? Fight it, run from it, hide from the inevitable?

What makes us so reluctant even when it is a change we want or at least can see benefit from?

I wish I held the answers to these questions as my life has changed over and over again the past 4 months or so. The changes have not always been welcome and they certainly have not followed any of the various plans I have made under the constant assault of these changes.

But like that, Can You Hear Me Now? Guy that changed from Verizon to Sprint I have learned a few things along the way.

!) Straddling the fence will get you nothing more than a sack full of splinters.

2) You can't control the actions of others

3) The world is in sore need of more honesty

No, not all change is good or planned, but one shot is all we got. Unless you believe in reincarnation and a side note on that thought. I had my first ever colonoscopy the other day and maybe it was the sedation but as I lay there curled on my side wondering what kind of man goes to school that long to spend his days probing assholes all day it occurred to me that if a dog was reincarnated into a human then this would almost be like a normal Hi, how you doing kind of greeting.

Butt, let's get back on the subject of change. So much has been out of my control that this summer finally pushed me to take complete control over my writing career. And I am excited about those changes. My Kickstarter has been successfully funded but there is still time for you to pre-order books or contribute to make Barbadum Books even stronger out the gate. The campaign ends tomorrow at 9PM central time so hurry to get on board.

I have been working on the website for Barbadum and it is up though still very much a work in progress.

So what I am saying is don't run from change, you don't know maybe the new Dos Equis guy really will be more interesting than the last. Because let's face it, life, like a diaper, has to change ... otherwise it begins to sag and stink.

Don't be a shitty diaper my friends, welcome the sweet aroma of change.

#Humor #PublishingWorld #WritingLife

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