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Up and coming rodeo star, Blue Riggins, was a cowboy champion in the making until a tragic death left him face down in the dirt.


Turning his back on the arena and his family in Texas, Blue walked away from fame and fortune to become a nomadic, risk-it-all gambler.


Lindsay Parker has always been a runner. As a young girl she ran to feel free and alive. In high school she ran for track glory. At seventeen, she slowed down long enough to be sweet talked into the tattered backseat of a Trans-Am.  A decade later, she’s still running from that fateful night back in Oklahoma.


Blue and Lindsay’s lives collide on a darkened stretch of Idaho highway. Unaware their pasts are deeply intertwined, he reluctantly takes her on a cross-country trip to face down her past.


Their newfound relationship is soon faced with painful truths. Leaving them to wonder, is it too late to turn back?

Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.”  ―  Jack London

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